Practice Sectors

Since 1985, organizations large and small have approached Terrence Roberts Consulting  for thought leadership, uncompromising approach, and unique perspective. The goal: facilitating world class performance from individuals, teams, and entire organizations through the most important metric of performance – human behavior, character, and habit.

Managing Human Relationships
Human relationships in an environment where productivity is paramount are arguably the most critical aspects of success and growth. Managing human relationships in this context takes a delicate and methodical approach, one that considers the individual, the group, and the professional mission statement. Dr. Roberts approaches the management of human relationships through a comprehensive method that employs both hard line analytics, and the latent nuances of human behavior, delivering ad hoc solutions for organizations with one goal; Driving growth and increasing performance.

Managing Racial and Ethnic Diversity
In today’s multi-ethnic, multi-cultural world, assembling high performance teams requires more than just awareness and acknowledgment of differences between individuals and groups. As a noted “Civil Rights Legend”, and champion of equality, Dr. Roberts approaches racial and ethnic diversity in the workplace as an opportunity and an asset, instead of a crutch. Innovation and high performance are the products of multiple perspectives, and Dr. Roberts trains teams to leverage their differing perspectives to gain insight into their work, and turn workplace diversity into a competitive advantage.

Self and Group Growth and Development
High level self-awareness and commitment to exploration of options is the starting point for journeys toward creative resolution of problems and enigmatic situations. Self awareness is a function of personal and group based growth, which is why Terrence Roberts Consulting approaches growth and development from a deep and enriched perspective, with over 30 years of clinical psychology and management consulting experience.

Conflict Resolution
Working environments generate conflict. Terrence Roberts Consulting engages organizations and teaches them how to pivot in the face of conflict adversity, providing resolutions skills and protocols to prevent and forever transform the sources of chronic conflict. Through highly specialized coaching and leadership training, Terrence Roberts Consulting provides executives, management, and working teams the tools and protocols to mitigate systemic conflict, and improve workplace productivity.

Multi-Cultural Awareness
We value difference and lean in the direction of existence without negative definitions of others whose phenotype is based on genetic constructions unlike those of our own. One of the goals of Terrence Roberts Consulting in working with groups is to facilitate the development of personal potential, to help participants maximize their opportunities to grow. As individuals learn to cope with difference, it is possible to accelerate the process of maturation that can lead to full cooperation between equals, recognition of each other as peers who can assist in mutual, positive advancement toward mutually accepted goals.

Stress Management
Stress at all levels impacts individuals and organizations regardless of personality, mission, and history. Terrence Roberts Consulting approaches Stress Management in a workplace context by working to accurately assess the causes of stress, and provide working examples and strict protocols for individuals and groups to minimize, alleviate, and avoid stress inducing situations in order to facilitate high performance.

Effective Communication
It is said that what separates man from the rest of the animal kingdom is complex communication; Well, that and opposable thumbs. Communication is, without question, the most important aspect of teamwork and relationships in any professional context. Terrence Roberts Consulting approaches Communication Consulting from a perspective that aims to help individuals and groups understand their message, their recipients, and the goals of their communications. By preparing individuals and teams to really understand an objective driven communications model, productivity becomes the goal, and workers are able to mitigate the noise, and create and perceive the signal.

Team Building
Interdependence is the key to successful endeavors in the workplace and in life. Interdependence is not a crutch of the needy or the incompetent, but rather a calling card of the professional and the cornerstone of successful organizations. Terrence Roberts Consulting approaches team building with a philosophy that addresses the visceral joy that comes from being a part of a successful team, and uses bonding dynamics to address goal driven problem solving, leadership, environment, and expectations in the workplace.

Management Skills
The most productive companies are typically more proactive than their peers when it comes to identifying and developing effective managers. Terrence Roberts Consulting approaches Management Skills Consulting by helping individuals cultivate the necessary skill-set to not only become dynamic leaders, but also, goal oriented, high performance workers. Traversing through communication, leadership, adaptability, relationship building, the development and support of subordinates, and personal development, Terrence Roberts Consulting gives management a unique tool-kit that prepares them to address the entire gamut of issues that might arise in fast paced, high-value, work environments.

Employment Transition
There are times in the life of some employees when it becomes apparent to all concerned that he or she is no longer viable as an asset to the business. Terrence Roberts offers skill and expertise that helps employers identify such employees and provides assistance in discovering options that lead to smooth transitions. There are myriad reasons why these decision points are reached and Terrence Roberts can help discover primary causes and offer ways of resolution that add to, rather than take away from, the integrity of the business function.