Pasadena Tournament of Roses (Pasadena, CA)


The Challenge

After a lengthy process of selecting a consulting solution through the use of an RFP (request for proposal), The Tournament hired Terrence Roberts Consulting to help them address complaints from various public and private individuals, organizations, corporations, and municipalities that they were essentially a “Whites Only” organization.

The Solution

Terrence Roberts Consulting provided a comprehensive series of seminars and corresponding workshops for the executive leadership team at The Tournament of Roses. Through these in depth, one-on-one and team based exercises, the executive team learned about why the Tournament of Roses had developed the negative reputation that it had, addressing the perspective of multiple stakeholders including the direct community, sponsors, media partners, and other key personnel in their immediate environment.

By discovering and understanding the fundamental reasons for their increasingly negative reputation with regards to racial integration, The Tournament of Roses leadership team, with the help and guidance of Terrence Roberts Consulting, was able to learn how to begin to make changes and pivot their operations in order to foster a better reputation for racial integration. Through a comprehensive strategy that included operations changes, public relations protocols, and overarching changes to their internal communications practices, The Tournament of Roses took great strides re-positioning itself as an organization that serves its community and constituents in a fully integrated, equal opportunity organization.

The Outcome & Key Takeaways

To date, the Tournament of Rose’s efforts have paid dividends; as they are now perceived, and rightly so, as being open to and supportive of racial diversity and transparency at all levels of their operation. As a final take away, the executive leadership team at The Tournament of Roses realized that it is possible to address a long-standing, complex problem with multiple externalities and internal issues, and find a reasonable solution that serves the organization and its goals moving into the future.